What Canada’s emissions reduction plan means for the economy and business

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This week, the federal government laid out what the country must do by 2030 to achieve a 40 per cent reduction from our 2005 level-emissions.

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It’s the first time Canada has ever looked sector by sector, year by year and devised a plan for how we’re going to reduce emissions and eventually reached net-zero by 2050.

On this special bonus episode of Down to Business, we look at what this plan means for business and the economy.

Guests include Tristan Goodman, president of the Explorers and Producers Association of Canada, a national lobby group representing 140 of Canada’s oil and gas entrepreneurs; Julia Levin, senior climate and energy program manager at Environmental Defence, an environmental non-profit; Brian Kingston, president of the Canadian Vehicles Manufacturers Association, a lobby group for automakers; Richard Carlson, director of energy policy and Energy Exchange at Pollution Probe, an environmental non-profit; Jean Simard, president of the aluminum association of Canada, a lobby group; and Simon Dyer, deputy executive director of the Pembina Institute, a clean energy think tank.

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