Wayfair Shopper Who Didn’t Read Dimensions Would Never Have Bought Sofa If She Knew It Was 300 Feet Tall

OLATHE, KS—Kicking herself for failing to read the product’s dimensions, local woman Annalisa Farrell told reporters Friday that she never would have bought her new Wayfair sofa had she known it was 300 feet tall. “Goddamnit, this is all my fault,” said Farrell, who threw up her arms in exasperation and groaned as she surveyed the unwanted 720-foot-wide sofa, noting the item looked “totally normal in the photos online.” “I guess the lamp they staged beside it must have been 500 feet tall, but that’s just what those guys do. Ugh, I feel so stupid! All this hassle just to scuff up the walls and punch a hole in the ceiling, I can’t believe it. This is going to ruin the value of my home.” At press time, Farrell added that worst of all, the item was really more of a loveseat than a sofa.

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