Two surfers rescued off Donegal after getting into difficulty

Two surfers were rescued off the coast of Donegal on Friday afternoon as RNLI lifeboat workers warn others of dangerous conditions.

The incident was called in just after 3:35 pm by a number of passers-by at Rossnowlagh Beach.

According to a statement from the RNLI, those who called 999 could hear shouts for help coming from the water.

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Just minutes later, the Bundoran RNLI crew made their way to the scene with choppy conditions and a force 5 westerly wind.

When the crew arrived, the two men in trouble had been pulled from the water by the Sligo-based 118 helicopter – which had been drafted in to help with the rescue operation.

Once safely back on land, the two men were treated by the National Ambulance Service.

Speaking after the terrifying incident, Helm of the Bundoran RNLI Lifeboat Elliot Kearns warned of the importance of being aware of the surf and potential hazards.

He said: “We would like to commend the Rescue 118 crew for their swift action in bringing the two men to safety.

Two surfers rescued off coast of Donegal by helicopter after getting into difficulty

“We would always advise water users to be aware of the sea conditions, particularly rip currents. If you find yourself caught in a rip, don’t try to swim against it, instead swim to the left or the right to get free of it.”

Confirming the incident, the RNLI released a statement saying: “Just after 3:35pm a number of 999 emergency calls were made to Malin Head Coast Guard from passers-by on Rossnowlagh Beach who had heard calls for help coming from the water.

“The Bundoran RNLI crew, aboard the “William Henry Liddington” inshore lifeboat, launched minutes later and made their way to the scene.

“Amid choppy conditions and a force 5 westerly wind, the lifeboat arrived at Rossnowlagh Beach around 4pm.

“On arrival, the men had already been lifted from the water by the Sligo based Rescue 118 helicopter which had also been tasked to help.

“They were brought back to land where they were attended to by members of the National Ambulance Service.”

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