Teachers union proposes ‘common good’ plan for City Colleges of Chicago that would expand medical and child care services

The union representing teachers at the City Colleges of Chicago is calling for $500,000 to be spent at each college under a “common good” plan that would expand medical and child care services.

“This investment is critical to meet the needs of our communities devastated by disinvestment and the adverse effects of the pandemic,” Tony Johnston, president of the Cook County College Teachers Union, told the school board Thursday.

The plan has been submitted as part of current negations between the union and board.

“Among other things, this investment will enable the college to expand medical and mental health services available, provide a facility to be used by students in the community, drop-in child care services, and support for immigrant students and refugees,” Johnston said.

He told the Colleges’ board of trustees that the initiative will deepen the college’s connection with the communities they serve, as well as improve enrollment.

The City Colleges of Chicago said in an emailed statement that it hasreceived the plan and will review it.

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