Wisconsin condo building evacuated due to structural issues

A six-story condominium building that was the subject of structural complaints dating back to June 2020 has been evacuated in a Milwaukee suburb after engineers found the structure was in imminent danger of collapsing ByThe Associated Press December 3, 2021, 11:33 PM • 2 min read Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article WAUKESHA, Wis. … Read more

Bounty Scientists Scream As Experimental Paper Towel Absorbs Entire Lab

CINCINNATI—In a horrifying accident that is said to have resulted from obsessive and irresponsible attempts to develop a product with the thickest quilting possible, multiple scientists at paper towel manufacturer Bounty reportedly died screaming Friday after an experimental prototype absorbed their entire lab. “My God, we were only trying to devise a quicker and easier … Read more

World’s First Living Robots Can Now Reproduce, Say Scientists

Scientists who created xenobots, the world’s first living robots assembled from heart and skin stem cells belonging to the African clawed frog, say the life forms are now “the first-ever, self-replicating living robots.” What do you think? “God must be rolling in his grave.”  Celeste DiPenta, Retired Consigliere “Yeah, I made a big deal out … Read more

Online shoppers compete against ‘Grinch bots’ for popular products this holiday season

SAN FRANCISCO — Tech experts say this holiday season, online shoppers are up against so-called “Grinch bots.” Described as automated computer programs created by people, the technology is designed to purchase large amounts of hot ticket items and resell them at much higher prices. The gift-giving season is wrapped up in what some are referring … Read more

Digital technology rules as NFT tops art world power list

T he rise of digital art is complete after game changing technology NFT topped a chart of the most powerful influencers in the art world. NFT, which stands for non-fungible token, is a digital file confirming ownership of a work of digital art. The digital asset is stored on a blockchain and can be copied … Read more

Jack Dorsey Steps Down As Twitter CEO

Jack Dorsey has stepped down as Twitter CEO, 15 years after launching the microblogging social media platform that’s now often central to debates around responsibility to curb hate speech, violent rhetoric, and misinformation. What do you think? “I already saw that on Twitter.” Cindy Desrocher, Ice Cream Scooper “Come on, who hasn’t lost a job … Read more

Man Just 3 More Failed Goals Away From Becoming Crypto Guy

MILWAUKEE—Confirming that he had long been intrigued by alternative currencies, local man Graham McCormick told reporters Tuesday that he was only three more failed goals away from becoming a crypto guy. “Really, I just need another business venture going under and maybe a few more job rejections and then buying some Bitcoin will start sounding … Read more

Bay Area Startup Sets Sights On Developing ‘Perpetually Flying Drone’

EMERYVILLE (CBS SF) — A Bay Area startup has set its sights on developing a “perpetually flying drone”, that can stay airborne for days, or even weeks at a time, by using artificial intelligence to detect rising air thermals. Kraus Hamdani Aerospace, based in Emeryville, says it successfully completed a 26-hour, non-stop flight earlier this … Read more

MI6 spy chief says China, Russia, Iran top UK threat list

LONDON — China, which is increasingly flexing its muscles around the world, is one of the biggest threats to Britain and its allies, and a “miscalculation” by Beijing could lead to war, the head of the U.K.’s foreign intelligence agency said Tuesday. MI6 chief Richard Moore said that China, Russia, Iran and international terrorism make … Read more

Twitter’s new CEO is latest on list of India-born US tech honchos

Parag Agrawal’s appointment to the top spot at Twitter amplifies the role of immigrants in the world’s top tech firms. By Vlad Savov and Saritha RaiBloomberg Published On 30 Nov 2021 Twitter Inc. on Monday became the latest Silicon Valley titan to appoint an Indian-born chief executive officer, joining the likes of Microsoft and Google in recognizing … Read more