‘They’re hanging on desperately to their country’: Canada’s ex-military chief, Rick Hillier, joins effort to help Ukraine in fight with Russia

The anti-tank weapons Canada sent to Ukraine? They’re obsolete, according to Gen. (Ret’d.) Rick Hillier, the former head of the Canadian Armed Forces. The M777 Howitzers? The Russians have more artillery with which they can fire further. And while Canadians basked this week in the glow of Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy saying the country was … Read more

Ukraine war: Kyiv will need ‘at least 10 years to demine’ all Ukrainian territory

Vladimir Putin has said that Russia is not responsible for the global food crisis, instead blaming the West for preventing the export of Russian grain. “The food market is unbalanced in the most serious way,” Putin said, addressing a “BRICS Plus” virtual summit that brought together the leaders of 17 countries, including China, India, Brazil … Read more

Russian-appointed official in occupied Kherson killed in blast

Ukrainians are staging attacks on Russian-backed authorities in Kherson as counteroffensive stalls. A senior official in the Russian-installed administration of Ukraine’s occupied Kherson region has been killed in an apparent assassination, the latest in a string of attacks against Russian-backed authorities. Dmitry Savluchenko, head of the families, youth, and sports department of the Kherson military-civilian … Read more

European Union makes Ukraine a candidate for membership

The European Union agreed Thursday to put Ukraine on a path toward EU membership, acting with uncharacteristic speed and unity to pull the embattled country further away from Russia’s influence and bind it more closely to the West. Meeting at a summit in Brussels, leaders of the EU’s 27 nations mustered the required unanimous approval … Read more

Five things you need to know about Ukraine war on Thursday

1. EU countries endorse Ukraine as bloc membership candidate EU leaders have decided to grant Ukraine candidate status on Thursday afternoon — a move that was widely expected as the bloc continues its support of the country at war. While mostly symbolic, the status represents a stunning geopolitical victory for the war-torn country, who until earlier … Read more

Ukraine war: Russia ‘destroys army fuel tanks with high-precision weapons’

UN experts have confirmed the full or partial destruction of 152 cultural and historic heritage sites in Ukraine since Russia invaded the country. They include museums and monuments, churches and other religious buildings, and libraries and other exceptional buildings, UNESCO said it an update of its efforts to assist Ukraine authorities in documenting the damage. “These repeated attacks on … Read more

Kaliningrad row: ‘It’s nothing to do with a blockade’

Tensions between Russia and the European Union remain high as Moscow threatens retaliatory action over Lithuania’s move to enforce sanctions of embargoed goods transiting through its territory and entering Kaliningrad.  Kaliningrad is a Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea, surrounded by Poland and Lithuania.  The Baltic state announced plans to halt the transport of certain … Read more

Dying Bear Seeks Revenge By Killing Hunter Who Shot Him Before Succumbing To Wounds

Bear attacks in Russia are common. (Unsplash/Representative Photo) In a gruesome incident, a 62-year-old hunter in Russia has been killed in a revenge attack by the bear he mortally wounded.  Citing Russian news agency Interfax, Newsweek reported that the unnamed hunter had attempted to kill the wild beast from a platform in the Tulun district … Read more

China’s Xi talks of Russia-Ukraine war as ‘alarm for humanity’

Speaking at a virtual business forum, Chinese president also questions the utility of sanctions against Russia. The conflict in Ukraine has “sounded an alarm for humanity,” Chinese leader Xi Jinping has said, but gave no indication on how it could be resolved. Beijing has not condemned Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 and has … Read more