Russian army ‘lose entire battalion’ trying to cross Ukraine bridge

The complex operation, dramatically foiled by Ukrainian forces, is emblematic of the Kremlin’s wider struggles in the latest phase of war Source link

Ukraine war: Putin ‘purges army top brass as Gerasimov is suspended’

Russia’s top commander General Valery Gerasimov has been suspended, a top adviser to the Ukrainian president has claimed, while a clutch of other officers have been sacked or arrested amid a rumoured purge of top brass. Oleksiy Arestovych, a veteran of military intelligence and one of President Zelensky‘s inner circle, claimed late Wednesday that Gerasimov … Read more

Ukraine war: Victory Day parades take place in Russia

Vladimir Putin gave a chest-beating speech to his troops during Moscow’s Victory Day parade today – telling soldiers that they are now fighting for the security of the nation against what he called Western plans to invade. Seeking to re-frame his war in Ukraine as a war between Russia and the West, he declared NATO … Read more

IAN BIRRELL: The songbird of Mariupol who’ll fight on till the end

The shaky video picks out the woman leading the singing in the darkness, her clear voice imbuing the patriotic songs with an exquisite beauty that belies the desolation of her surroundings. For she is singing in a bomb shelter amid the shattered hell of Mariupol, accompanied by a low murmur from a chorus line of … Read more

Chelsea: American billionaire Todd Boehly completes takeover as Roman Abramovich finally sells club

Chelsea have confirmed that terms have been agreed for Todd Boehly to complete his £4.25billion takeover of the club. Boehly’s consortium was named as the preferred bidder to take over at Stamford Bridge by the Raine Group, the American bank who are overseeing the sale. He has partnered with fellow Dodgers owner Mark Walter, Swiss … Read more

Tories lose more than THREE HUNDRED seats in local election humbling but Labour FAILS dent Red Wall

Boris Johnson was handed a local election humbling today as the Tories lost more than 300 seats and a slew of benchmark councils – but won some breathing room by holding on to key Red Wall votes.  The Prime Minister shrugged off the Conservative bloodbath in London and a handful of setbacks in the South, … Read more

US spies helped Ukraine slaughter eight of Putin’s generals and at least 300 officers

US spies have been helping Ukraine’s military with intelligence about the movements of its Kremlin invaders, and at least eight generals have been killed. On Tuesday, an analysis by independent Russian outlet MediaZona revealed that 317 officers of junior lieutenant rank and above have been killed in Putin’s so-far failed invasion, in a little over … Read more

Canada, U.S. to continue ‘maximum pressure’ on Russia over Ukraine war: Joly – National |

Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly says Canada and the United States will continue to exert “maximum pressure” on Russia in response to its ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Joly made the statement on Twitter following a video meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken. She says the two discussed shared priorities, including ongoing support for … Read more

World War 1-Era Weapon Used By Russia To Kill Civilians In Bucha: Report

Ukraine War: A large number of flechettes are contained in field gun shells which then explode. The city of Bucha in Ukraine has witnessed a lot of destruction during the Russian occupation of the city. According to The Guardian dozens of civilians have died by tiny metallic arrows. These have reportedly come from shells of … Read more

Russia will deploy ‘Satan 2’ nuclear missiles ‘capable of destroying the UK’ this autumn

Putin‘s regime has announced it will deploy the fearsome nuclear-capable ‘Satan II’ missile it recently tested in a show of strength by autumn, in a further ratcheting of tensions between Russia and the West as Moscow redoubles its brutal war on Ukraine. The Sarmat missile is said to be the world’s longest-range intercontinental ballistic missile, capable of striking a … Read more