Australians ‘most concerned’ about potential ‘military conflict’ between US and China

Lowy Institute Polling Director Natasha Kassam says Australians are most concerned about Russia and China’s foreign policy and the potential for a military conflict between the US and Beijing. New polling, carried out by the Lowy Institute, revealed the extent to which Australians feel various world events are a threat to our national security. The … Read more

Putin will be ‘escalating’ Russia’s missile strikes on Ukraine to ‘make a point’

Ukraine Ambassador to Australia Vasyl Myroshnychenko says Russian President Vladimir will be “escalating” his missile strikes on Ukraine to “make a point”. In the latest attacks against Ukraine, Russia has launched a missile strike on a busy shopping centre in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk, which led to several deaths and multiple people getting injured. … Read more

‘Highly comical but sinister’ London LGBTQ+ flag display: Douglas Murray

Author Douglas Murray says “there’s something highly comical, but something very sinister as well” about London’s LGBTQ+ flag display. “This sort of endless insistence that everybody else actually has to put up with this sort of weird overreach by a very distinct minority of the population, I think heralds, at some point, a backlash of … Read more

Ukraine war shows ‘powerful countries are willing to go to war’

The Australian National University’s Emeritus Professor of Strategic Studies Professor Hugh White discusses his Quarterly Essay, Sleepwalk to War, which examines the potential conflict between China and America. “I think that what the Ukraine tragedy has shown us is that powerful countries are willing to go to war to assert their view of themselves as … Read more

‘This story is not over’: Marianne Williamson calls awakening for ‘American woman’

US political activist and author Marianne Williamson says the “story is not over” following the US Supreme Court decision to overturn abortion rights. The US Supreme Court has overturned the landmark Roe v Wade ruling, which gave women the constitutional right to abortion. Ms Williamson said the Supreme Court decision was “very disturbing” line of … Read more

Lisa Wilkinson’s Logies speech one of the ‘worst cases’ of ‘ego-driven’ activism

Sky News Digital Editor Jack Houghton says “fame-hungry” journalist Lisa Wilkinson’s speech about Brittany Higgins at the Logies was one of the “worst cases of ego-driven activism”. Ms Wilkinson’s Logies award speech allegedly forced the ACT Supreme Court to set a new date of October 4 for the trial of former political staffer Bruce Lehrmann. … Read more