Rantz: Seattle man live-Tweeted ‘hostage taking.’ He keeps getting out of jail

A man who says he suffers from mental illness keeps cycling through the King County criminal justice system. He has a long history of suicide-by-cop attempts. Someone is bound to get hurt or worse if the man is not kept in jail. The suspect is accused of trying to take hostages at a Target in … Read more

Rantz: Concern as 20% of fully vaccinated Seattle Police hit with COVID this month

The fully vaccinated Seattle Police Department (SPD) suffered nearly 20% of its staff contracting COVID in just the first 21 days of January. The vaccine mandate, which sidelined nearly 100 officers for termination, was supposed to stop the spread of COVID. But the omicron variant evades the vaccine, and the mandate was a permanent “solution” … Read more

Group aiming to bring approval voting to Seattle gets early boost

A push to dramatically alter the way Seattle votes in primary elections is already getting significant financial support, having taken in nearly $193,000 in contributions over the last three months. With deadlines looming, King County hits pause on push for ranked choice voting In a standard Seattle primary, voters select one candidate in each race. … Read more

19 Ways To Make Your Home Look Cleaner Than It Is In 2022

Popular items from this list: And swap out your bathmat. Fluffy bathroom rugs (especially right after a shower) can look matted and smell mildewy. Opt for this slatted bath mat instead. “Do” the dishes. That can mean actually cleaning them (and I recommend this pump soap dispenser and caddy to get the job done quicker). … Read more

Once allies, Stormy Daniels and Avenatti face off at trial

NEW YORK (AP) — Stormy Daniels, the porn star who catapulted herself and Michael Avenatti to fame with lawsuits against former President Donald Trump, will have a starring role in court beginning Monday when prosecutors try to prove that the California lawyer cheated her of $300,000 in book proceeds. Her testimony in Manhattan federal court … Read more

UK lawmaker claims she was fired over her Muslim faith

LONDON (AP) — A former minister in Britain’s Conservative government says she was told her Muslim faith was a reason she was fired, a claim that has deepened the rifts roiling Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s governing party. Former transport minister Nusrat Ghani told the Sunday Times that when she was demoted in 2020, a government … Read more

77-year-old Bellevue woman stops home intruder in landslide neighborhood

Thieves hit the neighborhood impacted by the Bellevue landslide but didn’t get away with much, thanks to one brave 77-year-old woman. Residents have been evacuated from seven homes in the neighborhood since the slide on Monday, and burglars tried to take advantage. Neighbor Dan Thai said looters even took a couple of bags and some … Read more

Gee & Ursula: Is it time for an income tax in Washington state?

Is it time for an income tax in Washington state? State Senator Bob Hasegawa wants to make it happen. Capital gains tax, minimum wage increase among new laws taking effect in 2022 A concern that many people have had about an income tax in Washington is there is already a sales tax in the state, … Read more

Fake ambulance with 28 migrants aboard found in Mexico

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican authorities have detected many strange schemes to smuggle Central American migrants to the U.S. border, but on Saturday they said they found a new one: a fake ambulance loaded with 28 Nicaraguans, including nine unaccompanied children. Mexico’s Interior Department said the vehicle had been painted with fake logos from a … Read more