Russian filmmakers land after shooting movie in space

Two Russian filmmakers and a cosmonaut landed back on Earth after traveling to the International Space Station to shoot a movie. The Soyuz space capsule landed on schedule in Kazakhstan on Sunday with Yulia Peresild, Klim Shipenko, and Oleg Novitskiy aboard. The capsule descended with a red-and-white striped parachute after entering Earth’s atmosphere. Actress Peresild … Read more

Leslie Odom Jr. stars in time-traveling romance ‘Needle in a Timestack’ for director John Ridley

HOLLYWOOD — If technology allowed you to go back in time to change how something in your life turned out… would you do it? The new movie “Needle in a Timestack” looks at the concepts of true love… and time travel. It’s from Oscar winning writer-director John Ridley, and stars Leslie Odom Jr., Cynthia Erivo, … Read more

The 75 best horror movies of all time for Hallowe’en

It’s been written off as a simple, sadistic slice of “torture porn” – and, in fairness to this viewpoint, the film’s (seemingly endless) string of sequels have certainly gone all-out when it game to the elaborate gore. But don’t be too quick to dismiss the movie that kicked it all off. In James Wan’s gripping … Read more

Best Bets: Tacos, Sequels, and a Fringe Festival

On this week’s list of best bets, you will find festivals, both virtual and in-person. Theater, indoors and outside. Lots of tacos and a head start on Halloween. Keep reading for the full list of the best Houston has to offer over the next seven days. click to enlarge The Catastrophic Theatre’s Drama Squad took … Read more

Post-Pandemic Cinema-Goers’ Eyes, Ears Rupture As Senses Overwhelmed By Theater Experience

BRENTWOOD, CA—Unaccustomed to the sheer intensity of the sights and sounds before them, post-pandemic cinema-goers’ eyes and ears reportedly ruptured Wednesday as their senses were overwhelmed by the theater experience. “Oh God, no—what’s that noise—what the hell am I looking at?” said an unidentified person present at a matinee screening, who was just one among … Read more