How to carve Halloween pumpkins – and the best seed suppliers to grow your own

Choose a suitably shaped carving pumpkin with a flat bottom. Protect your work surface then, using a marker pen, draw a circle around the stalk, for a lid. Alternatively, cut a hole in the base or at the back. Make sure the hole is big enough to get your hand inside to scoop everything out. … Read more

What are the alternatives to gas boilers and when does the ban come into effect?

The ban on gas boilers is likely to include an exception for hydrogen-ready devices, which work on natural gas but can run on the alternative when it is available.  The Government’s advisers previously said hydrogen will only be suitable in around 11pc of homes, meaning some “hydrogen-ready” boilers could be installed but continue to run … Read more

How long does an electric car battery last?

The level of charge when not being used will also affect battery life and Geotab’s data suggests that batteries shouldn’t be charged to 100 per cent, unless you are planning a long journey, or left at the lowest state of charge for long periods. Car makers leave buffer zones, which are state of charge levels … Read more

The 75 best horror movies of all time for Hallowe’en

It’s been written off as a simple, sadistic slice of “torture porn” – and, in fairness to this viewpoint, the film’s (seemingly endless) string of sequels have certainly gone all-out when it game to the elaborate gore. But don’t be too quick to dismiss the movie that kicked it all off. In James Wan’s gripping … Read more

The five best stopgap cars to buy in 2021

In need of something a little more spacious? In that case, the second-generation Toyota Avensis is worth a look. Yes, it might be as dull as ditchwater, but the Avensis delivers exactly what most people are looking for in a banger: unstinting reliability, low running costs and an easy-going driving experience. You can choose between … Read more

14 of the best UK and European holidays for October half-term

Missed your chance of a family holiday this summer? Whether booked-up Britain, the pingdemic or post-lockdown jitters scuppered your plans, you still have one last chance to rescue your holiday year – the autumn half-term break. It’s not the easiest time of year to plan a holiday. The weather in some parts of the Mediterranean … Read more