Should grades matter? Why this teacher is shaking up everything we know about report cards

The end of the school year usually comes with all the fear and anticipation of final marks. But that’s not the case for the students in Stacie Oliver’s English classes. They already have a pretty good sense of how they did — that’s because they graded themselves. Valentina Virviescas-Medina proposed a 90, up from the … Read more

Some SoCal high schools face gender differences in sports. Here’s how others have changed that

POMONA, Calif. (KABC) — Iledza Rodriguez grew up in Pomona and started playing soccer at just 4 years old. She said it was her father who got her into it, and she’s glad he did. “I go into the field and just start shooting. And I just think it’s my therapy in a way, my … Read more

Supreme Court Ruling Allows Public School Teachers To Lead Students In Crusades

WASHINGTON—In a controversial 6-3 decision regarding religious freedom, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that public school teachers were allowed to lead students on Crusades to win back the Holy Land for Christians. “Because the First Amendment guarantees the free exercise of religion, all school employees have the right to conscript students into a fighting force … Read more

Opinion: In The American Public Education System, Black Children Are The New Cotton

W.E.B. Du Bois warned us in 1935 that turning Black children over to white America for their daily education risked making them “doormats to be spit and trampled upon and lied to by ignorant social climbers whose sole claim to superiority is the ability to kick ‘niggers’ when they are down.” We didn’t listen. More … Read more

Study Finds Majority Of Florida Students Can’t Pass Basic Test Of Racial Purity

TALLAHASSEE, FL—In a development state officials attributed to a record-low percentage of students being born into two-white-parent households, a study released Tuesday found that a majority of Florida schoolchildren were unable to pass even a rudimentary test of racial purity. “It’s no secret that racial purity scores have been declining nationally for decades now, but … Read more

Families brace for changes to pandemic-era free school meals

The pandemic-era federal aid that made school meals available for free to all public school students — regardless of family income levels — is ending, raising fears about the effects in the upcoming school year for families already struggling with rising food and fuel costs. A bill signed by President Joe Biden over the weekend … Read more

Thousands of students begin summer learning programs in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — The School District of Philadelphia kicked off the first day of its summer learning program on Monday with thousands of students taking part. The programs will help students reinforce what they already know while developing skills for the next grade. “We’re excited that we’ll have some 15,000 young people across the school … Read more

Latino Parents in LA County Receive Free Laptops

More than a dozen Latino immigrant parents in Los Angeles County received laptops at Eastmont Community Center Monday to participate in a six-week digital literacy program. “Our hope is to help them develop skills that will turn them into savvy internet users so that they can also mobilize and advocate on social media platforms for … Read more

G7 leaders vow to support Ukraine for ‘as long as it takes’

Press play to listen to this article ELMAU, Germany — Leaders of the G7 advanced economies promised Monday to extend their financial, military and humanitarian support to Ukraine “for as long as it takes,” stressing that the country must be able to safeguard its sovereignty and “choose its own future.” In a statement released on … Read more

With Accounts Flush, Pa. Budget Talks Come Down to Schools Aid

With a week to go until the state’s budget deadline, Gov. Tom Wolf and leaders of the Republican-controlled Legislature are working through their remaining differences as they try to produce an agreement on a roughly $42 billion budget plan that they say will marshal substantial new aid for Pennsylvania’s public schools and environmental cleanups while … Read more