Letters to The Province, Jan. 14, 2022: Brady Leavold’s blazingly honest story is inspiring

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Journalist Dan Fumano wrote a blazingly honest, up-close and personal story about Brady’s decent into drug addiction. Masking his emotional pain with street drugs and descending into the lower levels of hell itself. His dad, Brian Leavold, searching for him among the fallen bodies of the Downtown Eastside looking for answers. Hats off to Brian for keeping the faith under the worst possible odds.

In the end, love and redemption were found at the end of the darkness. There are scars that can’t be painted over, only examined and tested. Dan Fumano deserves recognition for this bold and important story. Write more like this one. Shine a light. Tell the truth.

Mike Pearson, Vancouver 

Brady’s story hits close to home

Having graduated from high school with Brady, this story hit close to home. Although I didn’t know him well, Port Coquitlam isn’t a big place and I had heard bits and pieces over the years from friends. I was glad that Brady was able to share his side of the story, and that he is doing better. It is so important to bring to light the issues of mental health, sexual violence and substance abuse so that others who may be struggling with these same issues can know they aren’t alone.

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I think that Brady will have a big impact on others by being so open and honest, and he should be proud of himself for how far he’s come.

Alison Shaw,  Calgary

Tough times for everyone

Re: Rent increase for local restaurant was unreasonable

In response to letter from Jan. 12, which accuses landlords of imposing unreasonably large rent increases, what many people do not realize is that most renters of commercial buildings are tied to a Triple-Net Lease. What that means is that the owner passes almost all costs to the leaseholder/renter. Typically, it means the building insurance, the property taxes, and other like expenses.

This year, we saw insurance rates skyrocket. Property values just went insane. If you are a building owner, these charges just flow down to the leaseholder. I expect we will see many more closures for companies who are barely making it due to COVID. Insurance rates have doubled for many buildings, and with 30- to 40-per-cent property value increases, we can only expect property taxes to soar as well.

Tough times for everyone.

Ross Haugland, President, Norquip Services

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