iDubbbz boxing results from Creator Clash as YouTuber took on Doctor Mike

iDubbz was out-pointed by Doctor Mike in the inaugural Creator Clash boxing event last night.

Doctor Mike looked to impose his size from the first bell and looked the more polished fighter while iDubbbz was content to brawl. Doctor Mike landed clean with successive right hands to put iDubbbz in trouble but he was helped when the round ended a minute early.

Doctor Mike’s years of experience looked to be paying off in the second round as he almost stopped iDubbbz with a flurry of shots towards the end of the session. iDubbbz knocked Doctor Mike’s head back with a right hand in the third round as he threatened a comeback, but he was still absorbing the bigger shots.

iDubbbz had the full support of the 10,000-strong crowd when he did throw but he wasn’t landing enough to trouble the judges’ scorecards. Doctor Mike continued to land his right hand as he edged closer to victory. The pattern continued in the fifth and final round as the rivals continued trading blows after the bell before Doctor Mike was awarded victory by scores of 50-45, 50-45 and 49-46.

Here are all the results from the rest of the Creator Clash card…

Harley Morenstein vs Arin Hanson

Morenstein enjoyed a huge 62lb weight advantage going into this heavyweight clash but was on the receiving end at the end of the first round. Morenstein started the second round on top and once he caught Hanson, the smaller man tucked up, forcing the referee to step in and stop the bout. Morenstein was very gracious in victory, congratulating Hanson on his heart while insisting he only won due to having extra training time.

Graham Stephan vs Michael Reeves

Stephan launched the early offensive, but fan-favourite Reeves handled it well with neither man looking particularly aggressive in the opening round. Stephan landed the cleaner shots in the second round until Reeves landed a right hand which left his rival stunned. Reeves looked to unload in the corner before the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Hundar of Muscle Party vs AB of H3 podcast

AB had trained at the famous Wild Card gym in Los Angeles, formerly home to ring legend Manny Pacquiao, and he held his own against the more athletic Hundar. But the bigger man dropped his opponent in the third round but AB responded immediately by dropping Hundar with a counter right seconds later. Both men looked to be tiring in the fourth round with all to play for going into the final two minutes but it was Hundar who came out on top as AB wilted and the referee stepped in after one too many body shots.

JustaMinx vs Yodeling Haley

The first female influencer fight turned into a brawl as Ireland’s JustaMinx recorded victory by fourth-round stoppage. The fight looked set to be over much sooner but Yodeling Haley responded well after being overwhelmed in the opening two sessions. The American looked to take advantage of her rival’s fatigue but the referee ultimately stepped in after a number of unanswered shots.

I did a thing vs Theodd1sout

I did a thing – real name Alex Apollonov – flew from Australia to take part in the show and rocked up to the ring in khaki shorts. He was on top from the first bell as Theodd1sout looked as if he’d rather be anywhere else. Apollonov asked the referee to stop the fight several times before the official did just that with 40 seconds of the opening round remaining.

Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik vs DJ Welch

Both men wore headgear which suggested they weren’t too keen to take punches and Erik was dropping in the opening round as he struggled with the pace. He was knocked down twice in the second round before the fight was waved off between sessions. “I was worried he was going to come back because I was getting gassed,” said DJ Welch. Erik admitted he knew very quickly that it wasn’t his night. “I wish I could have gone the whole fight but my opponent was a champion,” he said. “I’ve been training since February and I knew in the first round I was going to lose.”

Ryan Magee vs Alex Ernst

Alex Ernst looked the more technically proficient from the first bell and dropped Ryan Magee twice en-route to a decision victory. But Magee showed tremendous heart not to throw in the towel despite being bloodied throughout. The rivals embraced repeatedly after the final bell as they settled their feud over five rounds.

Dad vs Matt Watson

Forty-one-year-old ‘Dad’ wasted no time in making a mockery of the age difference between himself and Matt Watson, stopping his younger opponent in just 20 seconds. “Dad prepared very hard, I’m a good dad, I did my chores and my chores involved obliterating every sparring partner I had in the past few months,” he said. “I destroyed the alpha in training and I could destroy a Matt Watson!”

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