Hot Spots: La Mesa and La Presa See Highest COVID-19 Case Rates in San Diego County

Over the past seven days, nearly 29% of COVID-19 tests reported in San Diego County have come back positive, but positivity rates have stretched to nearly 32% in La Mesa and La Presa.

While the region is seeing a high transmission rate across all cities and neighborhoods, the community of La Presa and city of La Mesa have the highest case rates in the county.

“When it comes down to the actual community and I walk down the streets, I don’t see many people following the guidelines and people are more lax because they may think it’s not that bad as Delta, and I have it right now and it sucks and I got vaccinated,” said La Mesa resident Ariel.

The county’s COVID-19 data shows case rates (the average daily number of cases per 100,000 persons in 7 days) of 226 in La Presa and 209 in La Mesa, well above the county’s average this week of 196. This as virtually all local cities and communities are being classified as areas of “high transmission” by the county. The only area listed as “substantial transmission” is South Camp Pendleton.

County of San Diego Covid-19 Case Rate by ZIP Code / Jurisdiction

On Friday afternoon many were seen lining up for the COVID-19 test at the Lemon Grove Community Center. Fortunately, lines were not long.

“I knew that this would be the fastest facility and no appointments are needed which is awesome,” said Hannah Gonzalez.

Gonzalez is a teacher in La Mesa and said her first week back was virtual because there were more than 70 teachers who were infected.

“I work at a school so I want to get tested as frequently as I can. I’m always around kids and like the slightest little symptom, I’m like I need to get tested to make sure I don’t get anybody sick,” said Gonzalez.

Many in these East County communities have shared common stories of end-of-the-year parties which infected dozens of family and friends, to never-ending sick calls at work.

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