Fans hit out at EastEnders for ‘destroying Linda Carter’

Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) following her recent return – and they’re not happy.

Linda returned this week for Tina’s funeral.

She arrived ready to join the Carter family and say goodbye, but things descended into chaos as Linda couldn’t deal with Janine (Charlie Brooks) and Mick’s (Danny Dyer) developing relationship.

Linda soon hit the bottle and as the week progressed, viewers watched as she drunkenly made a fool of herself and attacked Janine.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Linda’s alcoholism has put her marriage with Mick in jeopardy.

And this also isn’t the first time Linda and Mick have faced huge challenges.

It happens a lot.

And for fans, they’re not exactly pleased the storyline set-up is being repeated.

‘This episode has just reignited my anger at how much they ruined Mick and Linda’, one Twitter user wrote.

Another said: ‘Truly so bored of Mick and Linda breaking up and getting back together’

While a lot of fans are somewhat tired, some can’t help but root for Linda, given the fact Janine’s manipulation is the reason for her returning to drink.

‘I know people are anti-Linda but I’m not. Yes she’s an alcoholic and cheat but Janine is a manipulating cow. I can’t help but support Linda, that is HER Mick’, an EastEnders fan said.

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