Employees want an extra week off work each year for their mental health


‘In the past, many mental health needs went unaddressed, but now we’re finally starting to see the stigma around receiving therapy and other mental health services dissipate.’

‘People know they need help, and now with virtual platforms, care is more convenient and accessible. This affords people the opportunity to receive quality treatment on their terms, helping them to be happier at home and more productive at work.’

This comes as The Great Resignation has forced many workplaces to rethink employee retention and what they can do to make their organisation a happier and healthier place for others. 

One suggestion that has increased in popularity is a shorter working week, with campaigners saying a three-day working week will help employees’ mental wellbeing and combat the 18 million work days lost per year for mental health issues.

In June, 60 firms with 3,000 staff have signed up to take part in a pilot four-day week project in the UK. The six-month-long project, run by campaign group 4 Day Week Global, will give all employees a three-day weekend with no loss of pay.

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