Chat Rooms Online: The Best Places To Talk To Girls Online In 2022

An online chat is by no means a brand-new
concept. Ever since the internet has become widely available, we have been
using a popular chat room to make new friends, chat with strangers, or even
chat live with ladies from our own city to make a romantic connection. But are
live chat rooms still a thing and where can you successfully chat with women
online from around the world? Find out right now!

Best online chatting rooms

Chat sites allow you to find single
ladies to chat and reach out to them without wasting any time. Not all of group
chat rooms are equally effective when it comes to finding a chatting partner,
but this is the ultimate top 3.


  • Main feature: Newsfeed
  • Members: 22k+


  • Main feature: Video streams
  • Members: 25k+


  • Main feature: Chat & mail
  • Members: 18k+

Best international dating
sites 2022

In addition to traditional chatting
sites, there is also a special subset known as dating chat sites. These sites
give you even more information about the woman and more tools to reach out to
her. These are our favorite ones.


  • Main feature: People (displays 20
    random profiles)
  • Members: 38k+


  • Main feature: Chat with ice
  • Members: 42k+


  • Main feature: Photo and video
  • Members: 47k+


  • Main feature: Live feed with
  • Members: 41k+


  • Main feature: Instant chat online
  • Members: 28k+

Do chat rooms still exist in

Yes, group chat rooms certainly do!
However, chat rooms online have come a long way since the 1990s and early
2000s. Back then people would talk to strangers online but often end up in
unsafe situations, especially women. Luckily, there are now plenty of amazing
online chat rooms women find completely safe and therefore actively use, which
means you can also use them to start chat with girls online. Here is our
definitive rating of top chatting websites to use in 2022.

Popular chatting sites
reviews & main features

Placetochat — One of
the best group chat rooms with Slavic women

Get up to 30 credits on Placetochat simply for creating and filling out your

✅ Features:

  • Mail
  • Exchanging photos and videos
  • Video streams with donations
  • Group chat
  • Delivery of gifts and flowers
Pros 👍 Cons 👎
You can talk to random girls with the help of the People feature An app for mobile devices would have been nice
Every woman’s profile on the site is manually checked for
Not a lot of women are usually available for video call
Most of the women on the site are Slavic, but you can also talk to
Asian and Latina girls
All the prices are clearly listed and not concealed  

is one of the best chatting sites featuring mobile chat rooms if you know
exactly what kind of woman you are looking for. The absolute majority of the
women on this site are from Slavic countries (like Ukraine or Russia), so if
that’s what you’re into, you’ll find a lot of potential
matches on PlaceToChat. One of the standout free chat rooms features for us was
female profile verification, meaning that if the woman has a blue check mark
beside her name, she’s 100% real and not a bot or a fake profile.

You can sign up for PlaceToChat and
explore the profiles without registration and paying anything. You can even
wink at them for free. However, you’ll need to pay to use the rest of the
communication features, including chat. As a new member, you can get up to 30
credits simply for creating and filling out your profile. For everything else,
you will need credits, and prices for credits start at $2.99.

Talkliv — A
comprehensive platform for chatting with Asian girls

You get 20 credits as a new Talkliv user absolutely free

✅ Features:

  • Newsfeed, where the strangers post
    updates from their personal lives
  • People, where you get to see 20
    random female profiles with photos
  • Video streams, where you can watch
    beautiful women in real time
  • Chat online
  • Mail
  • Winks
Pros 👍 Cons 👎
Large and active audience of women There is no mobile app, only a mobile site version
Lots of innovative communication tools The free credits won’t last you very long
Almost all female profiles are verified  
The profiles of strangers contain all the information you need  

is a great partially free online chat room to start chat
with females if you’re mostly interested in women from Asia. What we liked the
most about Talkliv is that it successfully combines the features of a chat
platform and a dating site. For example, you can start by chatting and then
move on to writing letters when you hit it off with someone.

There is no paid membership option on
Talkliv, but you will need credits to talk to women online and exchange photos
with strangers. Generally, Talkliv impressed us more than we expected, and we
can highly recommend it to our readers.

Funchatt — A
must-visit Latin singles chat room

New Funchatt members get 20 bonus credits as a gift

✅ Features:

  • Comprehensive chat feature with
    stickers and other perks
  • Plenty of ways to discover and
    connect with potential chat partners
  • You can follow the most
    interesting strangers on your friend list
  • Updates in the women’s lives are
    published in real time
  • An option to send a gift or
    flowers to a girl
Pros 👍 Cons 👎
High-quality, informative profiles with photos We would have loved a mobile app for Android or iOS users
Unlimited time to explore the site for free There are video streams, but only one-way
Fun ways to spice up your chats  
Always lots of new profiles to check out and talk to  

has a definitive audience of women from all over the world, and that’s one of
the best things about this platform for us. Most of the girls you’ll find there
are fiery Latinas, so whether you go for group chats, letters, or video call,
you are going to immensely enjoy your experience. There
are plenty of things to do besides partially free online chat, so you’ll never
feel bored when using Funchatt.

Like most popular chat rooms online,
Funchatt is not a completely free chat room. It allows you to take a look
around and contact with other users without paying anything. However, credits
are required to use the features you need the most, such as video chat and
exchanging photos with local people. All new members get 20 bonus credits as a
gift, and the first 20 paid credits will only cost you $2.99.

Now you know which group chat rooms are
worthy of your attention. However, you may still have a lot of preconceptions
about the chatting niche itself. Without a doubt, the chat industry has gone
through its ups and downs. Right now, it’s on the rise again, as many people
prefer the convenience and speed of chats as opposed to the seriousness and
commitment of traditional dating sites.

I’m Irene
, a relationship researcher and writer, and today I’ll tell
you everything I know about how to start chatting with girls online, where to
do it, and what to know to keep yourself safe.

Growing popularity of group
online chat rooms

Singles chat rooms have arguably gone
through their biggest wave of popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s. Back in
1998, it was estimated that 40 to 50 million users around the world
regularly visit group chat rooms, where they predominantly talk to the members
of the opposite sex. It’s easy to guess that years ago, that number could have
easily doubled or tripled.

However, the same era marked the
beginning of the online dating craze. When there are dozens of the best international dating sites to meet foreign women,
online free chat rooms may lose some of their appeal. Still, the audience of
popular singles chat rooms remains active and devoted to their favorite

Some of the most visited single women
chat rooms have been around for more than two decades, but there are also some
noteworthy players who are relatively new to the market. So whether you already
have a favorite platform to chat with singles online or are looking for a new
one, we highly recommend visiting our top recommended amazing online chat rooms
to make some exciting discoveries.

Pros and cons of live chat

A singles chat room is often a disputed
topic. And like most disputed topics, paid or free chat rooms have both pros
and cons. Here are the most noteworthy ones.


  • Online chat rooms allow you to
    meet single women based on your most desired parameters.
  • Online chat is by far the most
    effective way of communication and allows you to find out a lot about someone
    in little time.
  • A paid or free online chat does
    not require any commitment: you can begin and end conversations whenever you
  • Chatting with single women is
    cost-effective: when you pay only for the features you use, you don’t end up
    spending a lot of money on things you don’t need.
  • Chats are the quickest form of
    conversation, so women tend to be more honest and speak their minds, whereas
    with letters, they have time to form the perfect response.


  • A chat can never be a substitute
    for real-life relationships, so when you meet someone you like, you should
    start planning to take your romance to real life.
  • Free chat rooms usually don’t have
    the most detailed profiles, so you cannot know if the woman is a good match
    until you actually talk to her, which takes time.
  • When you don’t use trusted
    chatting platforms, there is sometimes a risk of being scammed.


💰 How do people use paid or free chat rooms?

Back in the day, chats weren’t always
used for building romantic connections and stranger meetup. People would use
amazing online chat rooms to meet new friends, including from abroad. The most
popular online games and fandoms also had their chat rooms, and people built
connections that lasted for years or even until today.

However, the primary way to use free chat
rooms is to find yourself a romantic partner. This is completely
understandable, as most people have friends from college or work, but finding a
girlfriend is not that easy. When you chat with single girl, you can find out
enough about her to develop an attraction that can possibly grow into something

💌 What are the chat room types out there?

Even during the early days chatting with
girls, there were all kinds of free chat rooms. You could easily meet single
women with common interests or location. For example, local chat rooms were
super popular, as were online chats dedicated to specific topics, such as
popular culture, books, or history.

These days, there is still a division of
amazing online chat rooms, but not so much by interests as by the type of
people you want to connect. In addition to local chat rooms, where you can look
for an online flirting experience, a serious relationship, or a
friends-with-benefits arrangement, there are chatting sites featuring mobile
chat rooms built for international connections. They include:

These free chat rooms can be a great
solution when you know exactly what kind of a girl you want to meet and don’t
want to waste any time. You sign up for these sites and instantly get access to
thousands of beautiful women who look exactly like you envisioned. And these
women are also determined to talk to foreign random strangers, so there is
already a strong foundation for a connection.

🤷‍♂️ How do you talk to a random girl online?

Chatting sites are quick and effective,
and it means that a woman can make the decision to continue talking to you or
to say goodbye for good in the matter of the first few minutes. Here are 5 tips
to make your time on a chatting platform more effective:

  1. Take the time to complete your profile and don’t forget to add a couple of appealing photos.
  2. Use the search to find single women who match your required parameters, but also keep your options broad at first.
  3. Your first message needs to be creative, so a simple “Hey, what’s up?” probably won’t cut it. However, don’t try too hard—a girl can always tell when you’re doing it.
  4. Ask open-ended questions instead of simple questions a girl can answer with a simple “Yes” or “No”.
  5. Mention something you’ve seen in her profile. It can be a question about her city, things in her photos, or her favorite movies or music. It will tell the woman that you’ve paid enough attention to her profile.

⚡ Are online chat rooms dangerous?

A singles chat room can sometimes be
dangerous, but only when you are joining a random platform with no knowledge of
its reputation or security policies. In that case, your interests are not
protected by anyone, so even if things go south, you don’t even have anyone to
complain to.

Luckily, this is not how things go when
you use trusted group chat rooms created for random people with common
interests. These chat websites pay a lot of attention to the security and
comfort of new strangers. They will manually test every new profile to make
sure it’s real and doesn’t belong to a scammer. These platforms also have
active customer support policies and dispute resolution services, so you can
always ask for assistance. Rest assured that the amazing online chat rooms we
recommended earlier in this article are absolutely legit and not spam.

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