Vaughn Palmer: Falcon takes his seat, attacks B.C. premier for ‘vanity’ project

Breadcrumb Trail Links Politics Opinion News Local News Columnists Opinion: New Liberal leader comes out swinging to start campaign for 2024 election Opposition B.C. Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon gives a speech after being sworn in at the legislature in Victoria, Monday, May 16, 2022. Photo by CHAD HIPOLITO /THE CANADIAN PRESS Article content VICTORIA — When … Read more

Spencer van Vloten: A special anniversary for Canada

Breadcrumb Trail Links Opinion Op-Ed On July 20, 1968, with Dr. Frank Hayden serving as a special ambassador and part of the Canadian contingent, the first Special Olympics were held in Chicago’s Soldier Field, and a spark was lit. The opening ceremony of the Special Olympics World Games at Zayed Sports City Stadium in Abu … Read more

Actor Kim Coates shares take on Okanagan film industry – Okanagan |

A Hollywood star, Kim Coates, who you might recognize from the popular TV show  Sons of Anarchy shared the secret to his success with a crowd of hopeful actors and people who work in the film industry. The actor took part in a Q&A event at Kelowna’s BNA Brewing Tasting Room, where he was interviewed … Read more

Netflix sounds like a terrible place to work

Breadcrumb Trail Links Weird Publishing date: May 16, 2022  •  14 minutes ago  •  2 minute read  •  Join the conversation A “culture” document sent to staff at Netflix last week suggests they might be happier working somewhere else if the streaming giant’s content offends them. Photo by iStock /GETTY IMAGES Article content A “culture” document … Read more

Here’s why McDonald’s has now decided to leave Russia — and what might happen next

The Golden Arches are coming down, possibly for good, in Russia. And while the decision by fast-food giant McDonald’s to sell off its business there won’t cause the Russian economy to implode — at least not on its own and not immediately — it has set a precedent that could lead the way for other … Read more

Conservatives condemn racist conspiracy theory, attack each other over Buffalo shooting | CBC News

Leadership candidates and the interim leader of the Conservative Party are condemning the racist “white replacement theory” that allegedly inspired Saturday’s mass shooting in Buffalo, N.Y. But there is still discord in the party about how that condemnation came about — with Pierre Poilievre accusing leadership rival Patrick Brown of a “sleazy” use of an atrocity and with … Read more

Sensitive personal data among thousands of files exposed in Elgin cybersecurity incident: Gonyou – London |

A cybersecurity incident that left Elgin County’s website and email services offline through the month of April resulted in thousands of county documents, some containing highly sensitive personal information, being posted to the dark web, Elgin’s chief administrative officer confirmed on Monday. Officials in the county southwest of London, Ont., have kept mum about the … Read more

Alleged perv accused of peeing in Arby’s milkshake mix for kicks

Article content Want pee with that? Urine luck! Article content An Arby’s restaurant in Washington State has discovered their night manager allegedly got his jollies peeing into the outlet’s milkshake mix. The employee — Stephen Sharp — was being investigated on child pornography charges, and police work allegedly determined that the fast-food felon urinated into … Read more