Baerbock: Women particularly affected

Berlin (dpa) – German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has highlighted the fate of pregnant women in the Ukraine war. An estimated 80,000 women will give birth there in the next few months, the Green politician said in a video message for a debate on the status of women at the UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday evening. “Many [will be] without shelter, without access to proper care.” The births risk to be life-shattering for them.

This illustrates that conflicts and crises are not “gender-blind”, Baerbock said. “They affect women disproportionately.” That’s also true for the conflicts such as in Afghanistan or the Sahel, but also for the climate crisis, she explained, saying that climate change puts women’s and girls’ most basic rights at risk, such as their rights to education, health and bodily integrity.

Women’s rights must therefore be put at the heart of climate action, demanded the minister. In addition, she believes that women must have an equal say in decision-making. “If half of the world’s population is excluded, we can neither achieve sustainable peace, nor save the global climate. “

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